Frontier Markets ETF


Find information on Frontier Markets ETF as well as the various types of frontier stock market investments that are available to investors.

Investing in frontier markets allows investors to participate in the next great growth opportunity. They are the emerging markets of over 10 years ago.

This site will help you find information on these still mostly undiscovered stock markets, including new and upcoming frontier market exchange traded funds (ETFs). A new section will report on the upcoming investments as they are announced.

A total of five frontier markets ETFs and a frontier market closed end fund have started to trade on US markets. More on the ETFs

You will also find information on existing frontier market ETFs, mutual funds, recent frontier stock markets news stories, and information on the various frontier countries. Information is still hard to find on these markets, so please check back frequently for updates as the news on frontier market ETFs and investments is constantly being released.

Read how emerging stock markets compare to frontier stock markets.

Here is some history on Frontier stock markets.

Over a decade ago, the International Finance Corporation met and cobbled together the S&P/IFC Frontier Index. This frontier index measures the performance of stocks of 22 countries that admittedly are not quite on the top lists of global tourist, or investment, decisions or destinations. These frontier countries are from many regions of the work, and include Bangladesh, Botswana, Ghana and Ecuador. That being said, those who have dared to tread where others feared to invest reaped big profits. Merrill Lynch reported that the frontier stock markets have outperformed emerging and developed stock markets since the start of January 2000.


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