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CAAM emerging and frontier market fund bets on emerging market domestic demand

Domestic demand in emerging and frontier stock markets appears set to remain robust even if the worlds global economic growth slows, Credit Agricole Asset Management recently stated. The CAAM Emerging Internal Demand fund, launched back in October 2007 and now has $65 million dollars in assets under management, invests in over 200 equities from almost 25 emerging and frontier market countries. It focuses on stocks with less than 30 percent exposure to developed economic markets.

CAAM has said that Internal demand in the emerging markets is going to be one of the primary engines of world growth.

CAAM also projects gigantic growth in the middle class consumers in the big emerging countries such as China and India, which will boost demand for products such as more nutritious food, cars, and white goods.


Global Stock Market Forecasts and Outlook for 2008. The graph was first posted in November 07 and acts as a 12 month indictor of which stock markets and ETFs can be expected to outperform to the upside.


Emerging Markets: the newspaper of record for the annual IMF, World Bank and regional development bank meetings.


The term emerging markets is commonly used to describe business and market activity in emerging regions of the world. More from wikipedia



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