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Frontier markets ETF country of Ukraine

The Ukrainian republic was far and away the most important economic component (after Russia of course) of the former Soviet Union, producing over four times the economic output of the next-ranking republic. Shortly after independence from the Soviet Union was granted and ratified in December 1991, the Ukrainian Government liberalized many prices as well as erected a solid legal framework for privatization, but there were challenges and some were contested. National output by 1999 had fallen to less than 40% of the 1991 level. The Ukrainian Government eliminated many custom and tax privileges in a March 2005 budget law, bringing much more economic activity out of Ukraine's large, but additional improvements are needed, including developing capital markets, fighting corruption, and improving the legislative framework. more changes will helps it performance in Frontier Market Funds. That being said, Ukraine's economy does remain buoyant despite political turmoil between the President and Prime Minister. GDP growth reached about 7% in 2006-07, fueled primarily by high global prices for steel, which is Ukraine's top export, and also fueled by strong domestic consumption.

  • GDP (purchasing power parity):
    $321.3 billion (2007)
  • GDP (official exchange rate):
    $131.2 billion (2007)
  • GDP - real growth rate:
    6.9% (2007)



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