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News on current and soon to be released Frontier Markets ETFs and investments


Franklin Templeton Investments Introduces The Templeton Frontier Markets Fund for Investors in the U.S.
This is the first actively managed, U.S.-registered frontier market fund. More.

Five Frontier Markets ETFs are now available on the US Stock Exchange. Read more on the five frontier markets exchange traded funds.

Morgan Stanley launches a frontier market closed end fund

Franklin Templeton rolls out a new frontier market fund in Singapore. More.

Van Eck's Lauches Gulf States Frontier Markets ETF.
This exchange traded fund provides investors access to the Persian Gulf states, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates. More on this ETF.

HSBC Frontier Market fund launches. More planned.
A New Frontiers fund for institutional investors just began trading. Also, HSBC Global Asset Management is planning to launch another fund to focus on the frontier emerging markets.Continue with HSBC

Claymore Frontier Markets exchange traded fund launches. More on the Claymore Frontier Market ETF.

Invesco PowerShares Officially announces Frontier Markets ETF. Read more on Invesco

Frontier Market Fund for Pakistan being launched. Read more.

JP Morgan has launched a Frontier Market Fund. Continue with JP Morgan Frontier Fund.

Van Eck Associates Plans to launch Frontier Markets ETF.
A total of four ETFs are being developed and launched. More

Pictet is the latest to target frontier markets with launch of a fund. Continued.

WisdomTree is entering the realm of Frontier Marketys and has filed for the Middle East Dividend Fund
Countries in the fund will include Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.The prospectus has no info on country weightings but 54% of the companies have market caps greater than $2 billion.

Investec has unveiled a Middle East and North Africa Fund
This fund will seek to offer offshore investors the opportunity to access the frontier markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

Also, Claymore has filed with the SEC to create an exchange traded fund - ETF - tracking frontier markets.
While there is no frontier market ETF available on U.S. exchanges at the moment, Europe recently launched some, so the heat is on. The Claymore/BNY Frontier Select DR Index Fund would track an index with 26 companies from a universe of 40 frontier markets.

Claymore has Registered an ETF That Will Track Frontier Index; Frontier Market Bulls cannew rejoice! Read More.

Invesco PowerShares has registered for a Frontier Countries ETF
The possible choices for Frontier Market exchange traded fund (ETF) investors interested in the Middle East/Africa region continues to grow.

Invesco PowerShares has registered to launch a new ETF that would focus on companies domiciled in 10 Middle Eastern and North African countries, reports Jeffrey Ptak for Morningstar.

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