Frontier Markets ETF


Current Frontier Markets Index available.

There are several different Frontier Markets indexes available. Some of the them include :

Bank of New York Mellon New Frontier DR Index - This frontier market index tracks the performance of depository receipts that are traded in ADR or GDR form. The ADR or GDRs are of companies from those countries that considered part of the Frontier Market. The frontier markets index provider, The Bank of New York Mellon, defines Frontier Market countries based upon an evaluation of the countries gross domestic product growth, expected and experienced inflation rates, per capita income growth, social inequalities, and the progress on privatization of infrastructure. As of June 2008, this frontier market index was comprised of over 40 countries and included: Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Lebanon, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Morocco, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago and Peru.

Claymore’s Frontier Market ETF (FRN) is based upon this index.

NASDAQ OMX Middle East North Africa Frontier Market Index - This Frontier Markets Index is designed to track the performance of the most liquid and largest stocks of companies located in North African and Middle Eastern countries. The countries included in the Index have less developed capital markets and smaller economies than the traditional emerging stock markets. The Frontier Markets Index currently includes securities from Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE (United Arab Emirates.)

Powershares Frontier Market ETF (PMNA) is based upon this frontier markets index.




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