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Romania economic information

Another frontier market ETF country of Romania, which also joined the European Union back on January first 2007, began the transition from Communism way back in 1989 and began it with a mostly obsolete industrial base as well as a pattern of output unsuited to the country's needs. The country emerged from recession in 2000 thanks largely in part to strong demand in EU export markets. Domestic investment and consumption fueled high GDP growth in recent years, but it has unfortunately led led to large current account imbalances. Romania's macroeconomic gains have also begun to spur the creation of a middle class, that has been investing in numerous stocks, including ETFs,  as well as  address Romania's widespread poverty. 

  • GDP (purchasing power parity):
    $246.7 billion (2007)
  • GDP (official exchange rate):
    $158.5 billion (2007 est.)
  • GDP - real growth rate:
    5.9% (2007)




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