Frontier Markets ETF


Market Vector Gulf States Frontier Market Fund from Van Ecks


The Market Vector Gulf States exchange traded funds total net expense ratio is 0.98%. This ETF tracks the Dow Jones GCC Titans 40 Index. While Frontier Stock Markets in general have been on a run, the Gulf region in particular has had incredible returns, thanks mostly to high energy prices. The spending by countries in the Gulf region on infrastructure and urbanization is growing rapidly.

The top frontier country weightings are: Kuwait, 52.3%; United Arab Emirates, 25.9% and Qatar, 14.9%. Banks are the largest investment sector of the fund, consisting of 38.5% of the holdings. Financial services follow at 21.6%; and real estate is third at 10.5%.

The top 5 holdings of the Gulf States Index ETF are:

  • Mobile Telecommunications Co. - 12.1%
  • Kuwait Finance House - 10.4%
  • National Bank of Kuwait - 7.9%
  • Emaar Properties - 7.2%
  • National Industries Group - 5.5%



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